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Does Accord Financial, Equipment Finance deal with brokers?


I have received a letter requesting proof of insurance for the equipment I lease. What do I have to do?
I have leased a Titled/Serialized piece of equipment which requires a Power of Attorney to renew the insurance and registration. How do I obtain this document?


I have changed banks. What do I do about my pre-authorized payments (PAP)?
My monthly payment has changed. Why did this happen?
My lease payment wasn’t honored by our Bank. How can we pay the Balance?
Can I pay an outstanding balance with online banking?
Can I change the day of the month my payments come out?
Do I benefit from any warranties placed on the equipment?
Our equipment was (or is going to be) replaced by the supplier / manufacturer. What happens now?
We are mid-term in our lease and we would like to upgrade our equipment. Can this be done?
Our Equipment was Stolen, Lost or Damaged.
Who owns the equipment?
Can I sell the equipment?
What End of Term options are available?
Our Lease is at the End of Term. What do I do now?
What are my options after the end of my lease term?
What is an early option?
How is the buyout amount calculated?
Will I be notified when my lease is at expiry?
I need to get a copy of our Lease Agreement.
Can I cancel the lease?
Can I assign my Lease to another Party?
Can I add additional equipment to my lease?
We’ve moved! How do we update our address with Varion®?
Can I move the equipment from one location to another?
What taxes am I being charged?
I would like to get a buyout letter. How can I get a buyout Letter.
Is there a fee to obtain a Buyout Letter?