Strategic partnerships that offer flexibility and efficiency

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in establishing strong partnerships with our Brokers. We value your business and understand the need to be flexible to better serve your customers.

Creative Solutions

Our staff and management have many years of leasing and finance experience. With our powerful technology, we can efficiently and effectively process your applications and can fund transactions within 48 hours. We are a price-to-risk lender, therefore we don’t use a credit scoring system to make decisions. Credit scoring can give quick decisions, but fails to allow for creative approvals.

Variety of Industries

We operate in most industries and sectors across Western Canada and Ontario. We lease everything from material handling, construction, and manufacturing equipment, to medical, and office equipment.

Approved Brokers

Brokers need to be approved by Varion Capital®. Please contact Matthew Richard to discuss at 416-992-4343 or

Independence Equals Flexibility

As an independent company, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently approve and fund your applications, while paying an industry competitive referral fee.